Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your games completely free or are there hidden fees or costs?

A: No hidden fees. No hidden costs. When we say “free to play” we really mean it!

Q: What if I would like to report another player for inappropriate behavior/language?

A: We take player safety very seriously. Which is why we have Natasha; she knows how to deal with problem people. Let us know who, when, and what by sending a ticket to and she’ll take it from there.

Q: What if I'm late to my tournament can I still play?

A: If you still have a chip when you arrive, we still have your chair.

Q: How to register?

A: Click on Register, fill out the registration form, click submit. Easy breezy. Lemon squeezy.

Q: How to cash out?

A: First go to your Player Dashboard on the 360win website. Click on “Account Balance & Cash Out”. Then click “Cash Out”, enter the amount you want to cash out, select the method you want to receive the funds and click submit. Then do a happy dance because you just got all those dolla dolla bills.

Q: How can I refer others?

A: Start by visiting your Player Dashboard and click on Referral Links. This is where you can copy and paste your personal referral links to share with others. You’ll also find ways to post your personal referral link to your followers across various social platforms. Sharing is caring after all, (unless you have mono, or some horrible fungal infection. Keep that to yourself).

Q: Where do I see my referrals?

A: You can see a list of your referral names by going to your dashboard and clicking on “Referral Links”. A list of your referrals will be below. But *potential referrals* can be found everywhere – in your house with your spouse, in a box with a fox, on a train in the rain - whatever, you get the gist.

Q: Who is 360win?

A: A group of over 4000 people worldwide that have come together to present a better way to raise money for worthy causes by creating a well-rounded model that benefits players, charities, and sponsors all at the same time. We host free-to-play charity blackjack and poker tournaments that are easier to win and higher paying than most pay-to-play tournaments –– all while raising money for charities. It’s a literal WIN/WIN.

Q: What are the restrictions for playing?

A: Must be 21 or older, living in the US or Canada. Sorry, but as Spider-Man’s dead uncle once said: “with great power comes great responsibility, so you can’t play 360win until you turn 21.”

Q: What are the benefits of playing 360win over other gaming sites?

Well for starters, it’s 100% free to play. And we mean that literally. It costs you zero. Zilch. Nada. Plus, at 360win you have a better chance of winning than anywhere else. This is because of our innovative progressive tournament structure where you only need to defeat 6 other players to win cash and/or prizes. The more you defeat in a row, the bigger the prizes get! In fact, we believe in winning so much that if you lose 24 games in a row you are automatically entered into our “Everyone Wins” tournament where (you guessed it) everyone wins. And if that doesn’t convince you, how about the fact that you’re winning money, having fun, and helping a good cause all at the same time? What a good person you are! Such a mensch!

Q: Is gaming with 360win legal?

A: YES! Because unlike eating sushi from a gas station, there is ZERO RISK playing at 360win since it’s 100% free to play. Without risk, there is no gambling.

Q: Do I need to install special software to play?

A: No, you can play right on your browser, or you can download our APP right from our site to play on either an Android or Apple device.

Q: Will this site work with my mobile phone?

A: Yup. Unless you have one of those old car phones from the 1980’s. Then probably not. But hey, give it a shot. You never know.

Q: Where is the company based?

A: The internet via Wyoming. Yee-haw.

Q: What games can I play now?

A: At 360win we are currently hosting both Poker (Texas Hold’em) and Blackjack. But keep your eye out because we always like experimenting with new games.

Q: Will my online winnings be taxed?

A: Uncle Sam’s gotta eat too. So short answer - yes. But only if you win $600 or more. Mo’ Money Mo Problems indeed.

Q: Who is eligible to play from which Countries?

A: Anyone 21 or older living in the US or Canada – but we’re really trying to be the first gaming platform on Mars so if anyone knows Elon Musk and could hook us up, give us a shout:

Q: How do referral earnings work?

A: LOVE this question. When anyone you refer to the site wins cash, you win too! Your referral winnings will be equal to 10% of the cash won by your referral and it will automatically be placed directly into your 360win Cash account. So, start spreading the word and rack up that CASH!

Q: How does 360win share its profits with charities?

A: When a player wins cash, we make a matching donation to the charity or cause of their choice. This is a no-strings-attached donation we make monthly to the cause or charity.

Q: How do players choose their own Charities?

A: When registering, you may select from any of the approved charities in the drop-down menu. You can always change your preferred charity later from your Player Dashboard. You can see a full list of our supported charities on the charity page. But if you do not find the cause or charity you would like to support, you can always nominate them to be added and the 360win team will reach out!

Q: Is this legal in the US?

A: In all 50 states. This is NOT gambling, it’s free to play.

Q: If this is free, where does the money come from?

A: The money comes from advertisers and sponsors looking to take advantage of our proprietary advertising system that offers some of the most direct audience marketability available while providing solid PR for helping charitable causes.

Q: If I make the finale, what expenses will I need to pay for?

A: Just like everything else on 360win – YOU. PAY. NOTHING. Everything is paid for, including: Round trip airfare for 2, hotel stay for 2 nights, meals for 3 days, show tickets, and transportation to and from the airport. Although toothpaste isn’t included, so you might need to get that ahead of time.

Q: What is a Second Chance Chip in Blackjack?

A: You know how sometimes you ask out the pretty girl at the sock-hop and then 40 years and three stomach ulcers later you wish you could’ve gone back and asked out her friend instead? That’s pretty much the Second Chance Chip. In Blackjack, sometimes the first two cards you are dealt aren’t great. With the Second Chance Chip, you can replace either of the first two cards dealt to you with a brand new card. Players are given 3 Second Chance Chips per tournament.