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Reach Your market

Our mission is simple:

We immerse your product into the game. Players earn chips by watching your ad and answering questions about your brand.

We are offering advertisers the opportunity to reach a ready market by placing 20-30 second video ads in front of a highly targeted and filtered demographic.

This will provide a unique opportunity to reach the exact market with a far higher ROI.

Our Guarantee

Agreements Ad Agreements are Based on the Number of People Who See Your Ad.
Visibility Ad blockers are not used: the games are opt-in
Inventives Players are Incentivized to Watch Your Video Ads. They earn chips by paying close attention and interacting with your branded videos
No Risk No-Risk Gaming for Players. Players do not invest money to play games. Advertising & sponsorship dollars fund player winnings
Charities Benefit Charities Benefit When Players Win. A dollar-for-dollar match of player winnings is donated to charity

Driving Traffic

We know our players - where they are, their personal interests, what they shop for, and the type of content that they want to see.

Traffic is tailored and driven to based on data insights.